Ikebana - The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging

"In this subtle arrangement of real
life and ancient teachings, Joan
Stamm shows how attention to a
single flower reveals ageless wisdom.  
A loving tribute to a living art."

—Karen Maezen Miller, author of Momma Zen

"This is a gentle book, beautiful and
meditative, that goes right to the
heart of ikebana.  It is a book that I
will recommend to my students to
take their understanding to a
different plane."

—Diane Norman, author of Ikebana: A Fresh
Look at Japanese Flower Arranging
"Whether bold or delicate, bright, bawdy, or barely there, the point is to become absorbed into the deep essence of the flower, to feel its energy and pulse,
to forget the self, to gaze into the heart of a living thing and lose your sense
of "I."
                       From Heaven and Earth are Flowers: Reflections on Ikebana and Buddhism
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Ikebana photos by Derk Jager.  All images and text are copyright protected - © 2010.



"Joan Stamm's spiritual experience
fulfills the four aspects of pilgrimage:
seeing into one's heart, training the mind
through meditation, being gladdened in
the journey, and transforming one's
daily life.

- Eido Frances Carney Roshi, Abbess of
Olympia Zen Center, and author of
Kakurenbo: Or the Whereabouts of Zen
Priest Ryokan
“The author shapes stem, leaf, and blossom
into a dharma of living beauty.”

—Lin Jensen, author of Bad Dog! and Together
Under One Roof
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