"The Beyond Slow Flower Movement"

Ikebana Classes on Orcas Island

July 14th
July 28th
August 11th
August 25th
September 8th
September 21-22 (Show at Library)

Check for periodic displays of Saga Goryu ikebana
in the Reading Room
at the Orcas Island Library.

Contact Joan for more information:
Ikebana photos this page by Joan D. Stamm.   All images and text are copyright protected -  © 2012.
"For over a decade [my teacher] commented and critiqued, gently pulled out my branches to turn them this way or that, added something here or there,
and always, with her sharp eye and years of skill, improved the overall design of my arrangement."

                           From Heaven and Earth are Flowers: Reflections on Ikebana and Buddhism
Image from "The Beyond Slow Flower Movement"